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Nature-Driven Nurture™ Foundations

Join the course that will revolutionize how you parent your dog. Our ground-breaking Nature-Driven Nurture™ framework helps you more deeply understand your dog's unique Nature, so you can optimize your care to work with their personality, instincts, and individual behavior needs.

Whether you have a new puppy, a recently rescued adult dog, or a dog struggling with fear, anxiety, or aggression issues - this course is for you, and you are welcome here.

Your dog is the only one of them that will ever exist. Learn to provide them with Nature-Driven care that makes them feel safe, happy, connected, and loved.

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Course Duration

2-3 Hours

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Live Q&As & Facebook Group with Instinct Founders



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  CEUs for Dog Professionals

This course is redeemable for CCPDT CEUS:
  • 1.5 CEUs for CPDTs
  • 1.5 CEUs for CBCCs
  • 2 CEUs for IAABC certificants

Upon completion of the course, send your certificate of completion, along with your CCPDT number (if applicable), to [email protected] with the subject line "CEU Logging".
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LEARNING Outcomes:

Better Results. Stronger Relationships. Happier Dogs.

Understanding is where love begins. This revolutionary course will help you understand your dog's unique Nature, so you can create optimal, tailored environments, relationship dynamics, wellness routines, and learning experiences that work with your dog's personality & individual needs.
The outcomes of Nature-Driven Nurture™ are life-changing for dogs and humans:
  • Dogs are happier, more fulfilled, more responsive companions
  • Humans are more confident, helpful leaders & dog parents
  • Relationships are stronger, built on cooperation & trust
  • Training progress is more effective & efficient


Section 1. Understand Your Dog's NATURE

We will help you uncover the utterly unique combination of factors that make up your dog's one-of-a-kind Nature:
  • Biological factors including life stage, breed/mix, family heritage, and health status
  • Individual traits including preferences, stress sensitivity, "Big Feelings" traits, and conflict resolution style
  • Life experiences including early development & socialization, relationship history, trauma, and learned behavior strategies
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Section 2: Optimize Your Dog's NURTURE

We break down the four main components of Nurture, then walk through practical ways you can optimize each one, based on your dog's unique Nature:
  • Environmental Design | Set up a Nature-Driven environment that promotes good behavior, discourages unwanted behavior, and supports your dog's behavioral health & wellness
  • Relationship Dynamics | Learn to foster trust & responsiveness using the 3 key components of Nature-Driven Leadership
  • Wellness Routines | Get practical guidance to provide your dog with the Nature-Driven exercise, enrichment, sleep, alone time, and healthcare they need to feel happy and fulfilled
  • Life Skills & Behavior Therapy | Learn to customize your training to work with your dog's Nature, and get an introduction to the four key Life Skills every dog needs to navigate life peacefully & confidently.

What's Included? Course + Community

  • Videos
  • E-books
  • Exercises & assessments
  • Certificate of Completion

Bi-Weekly Live Q&As

Participate in live group Q&A's with certified Instinct trainers and behavior consultants about the Nature-Driven Nurture™ framework

Course Facebook Community

Get access to our exclusive Instinct Alumni Facebook group to get support & encouragement from Instinct coaches and fellow dog parents.
Understanding is where love begins

Join the Nature-Driven Nurture™ movement, and fall (even more) in love with your one-of-a-kind dog.

Sarah Fraser, CDBC
Brian Burton, CDBC
Dr. Chris Pachel, DVM, DACVB
Dr. Emily Levine, DVM, DACVB

Instinct Behavior Leadership Team
Co-Founders & Co-CEOs of Instinct, Sarah Fraser & Brian Burton are certified dog behavior consultants with MAs in Animal Behavior & Conservation. Drs. Chris Pachel and Emily Levine are VPs of Veterinary Behavior at Instinct, and board certified veterinary behaviorists.

Help & Hope through Nature-Driven NurtureTM