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Your dog's behavioral health is dependent on providing them with outlets to engage in important natural canine behaviors. Learn how to use enrichment games & activities to fulfill your dog's behavioral needs & reduce problem behaviors.

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A few more words about this course

This fun course provides you with the info you need to help your dog live a happier, more fulfilled life through targeted, species-specific enrichment activities. 
Throughout this course you will learn about:

  • The science of animal welfare
  • The important natural behaviors our dogs are hard-wired to perform
  • At-home activities that fulfill some of our dogs' most important behavioral needs, including scent games, foraging & scavenging games, problem-solving activities, shredding, chewing, tugging, digging, and chasing games

Instinct Behavior Leadership Team

We are certified trainers, dog behavior consultants, and board-certified veterinary behaviorists with decades of experience. And we LOVE helping dogs and humans like you live happier lives together.