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Our courses are made for both dog owners and dog professionals. If you're a trainer or behavior consultant, you'll find applicable CEU info on each course's registration page.

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Need some guidance beyond our free & low-cost courses? We offer in-person help via our locally-owned Instinct locations in New York City, Northern New Jersey, Hudson Valley, Portland OR, San Diego CA, Nashville, TN, and Fort Worth, TX. And we offer virtual help to folks anywhere in the world.
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“I am an adoption counselor and a trainer at a shelter. I am so thrilled to be able to direct adopters and others to your school. The information is such high quality and is a gift to dogs and their people. I cannot thank you enough for making this much needed resource available in the way that you have!”
Cathy B.
"I wanted to let everyone at Instinct know how incredibly helpful your free online school is. I have learned more from that than any other resource I have looked at. I am completely blown away, and it has made me more hopeful both in terms of training and also having the kind of dog/owner relationship I am hoping for." 
Amanda A.
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Frequently asked questions

Are all of your courses free?

All of our self-paced, independent learning courses are free, in an effort to improve accessibility to high-quality dog behavior & training help.

A select number of our courses cost a modest fee. These courses include live, ongoing support from our Instinct trainers via group Q&A sessions and/or community forums. *If you cannot afford the course fee, we will happily provide you with a free version of the course materials upon request, no questions asked.*

Why am I being asked to donate to my course instructor?

We LOVE providing free & low-cost courses to dog owners around the world. We also love finding ways to help dog behavior professionals earn fair compensation for sharing the knowledge and experience they've gained over years of hard work. When you opt to donate to your course instructor, you can feel good knowing that 80% of your donation goes straight into their pocket. Instinct uses the other 20% for administrative purposes - to help cover the costs of maintaining the online school, promoting courses, etc.

Donating to your course instructor is totally optional! If donating isn't something you are able to do, we don't want you to feel the least bit guilty about it; please, enjoy the material and use it to help you and your dog live happier lives together.

I need in-person help from a trainer or behavior consultant. Do you provide that service?

Yes we do! Just head on over to our main website, www.instinctdogtraining.com, and find the locally-owned Instinct location closest to you. We provide private coaching, camp + coaching, and home school programs, plus daycare & boarding for behavioral health.